John Roach Council 10031 Officers and Board Members 2018-2019


Grand Knight

Dave Steehler

The grand knight is the highest ranking officer of his council and is responsible for its welfare.  He presides over council meetings, acts as an ex-office member of all committees, appoints program and membership directors, convenes monthly officer meetings, and ensures all necessary reports are submitted to the state and Supreme Council.  He is also responsible for approving all expenses and issuing warrants for their payment.   Moreover, the grand knight is responsible for ensuring council membership and programming for the growth of his council and the involvement of all its members.


Kraig Leuthard web.jpg

Deputy Grand Knight

Kraig Leuthard

The deputy grand knight is second in command, assisting the grand knight with the operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him.  In the absence of the grand knight he presides at council meetings.  Additionally he serves as chairman of the council’s retention committee and sits on the Advisory Board in charge of overseeing the council's sponsored Columbian Squires circle. 

Kraig & Cathy Leuthard have been members of St. Hubert’s Catholic Community since 2003. Kraig joined the Knights in 2013.


Financial Secretary

Patrick Talty

Upon recommendation of the council the financial secretary is appointed to a three-year term by the supreme knight.  He is responsible for maintaining all financial and membership records.  He collects and receives all moneys from all sources.  He is responsible for handling supply orders for the council, officers, and members; and files the Report of Officers.   Additionally, he is responsible for billing and collecting member dues and submitting all membership transactions to the Supreme Council.   The financial secretary must be bonded. 


 Chancellor assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight in their duties and oversees the council in their absence.  He is the chairman of the Membership and Admissions Committee.  He has the duty of strengthening the members’ interest in council activities.     

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Kevin Joyce

The Recorder is responsible for the keeping and maintaining of a true and permanent record of all actions of the council.  He maintains all correspondence of the council.

Kevin has been a parishioner for 21 years.  He and his wife have three children.



Evan Vaala

The treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping  and maintenance of check and deposit records for all council funds and accounts.  He receives money from the financial secretary and is responsible for depositing that money in the proper council account and keeping records on each deposit.   He is also responsible for writing checks for all council expenditures, including assessments from the Supreme Council.  Additionally, he is responsible for obtaining and maintaining a record of warrants issued by the grand knight approving each expenditure.



Tom Kuenzli

The lecturer is appointed by the grand knight and is responsible for providing suitable educational and entertaining programs for council meetings.  He is responsible for the "Good of the Order" portion of the council meetings.  He must be knowledgeable and aware of all council programing.

Tom's resume


Colin Lesner

The advocate is the legal representative of the council and acts as parliamentarian for the council. He is like an attorney and when needed, will seek legal assistance from the state advocate on behalf of the council.  While he does not need to be a member of the legal profession he should be familiar with council by-laws, the Order's Charter. Constitution and Laws, methods of conducting a Council Meeting, and Robert's Rules of Order.